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Healthcare Information Technology

Most of my career has been spent working for businesses in the manufacturing sector and therefore, I have developed a significant knowledge base of manufacturing processes and the information technology used to support these businesses. Specifically, I have spent a lot of time working to develop manufacturing systems strategies and implementing systems to support manufacturing operations. In addition I have developed capabilities to conduct business process definition and design as well as management of a large IT applications portfolio for plant floor systems.

Since 2008 I have focused on Healthcare Information Technology and Systems that are increasingly being used in physicians offices and other healthcare providers of all types. I have qualified for certification on the subject of health information exchanges and have a CPHIE designation based on those qualifications.

While at GM, I became a Certified Systems Professional as part of the General Motors University courses and also became a Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt from the University of Michigan.

If you have issues in your information technology organization, specifically related to healthcare, I would like to talk to you. I can be contacted here.


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